Whether it is 24/7 support, hardware installation or advice for a network upgrade, CompuNET is here to help

Managed IT Services

Technology helps us do everything these days - staying in contact wherever we are, small meeting presentations, or teaching six lessons a day - and technology is both invisible and center stage when we want to have a greater impact. But sometimes, when one part doesn't work, we lose the opportunity, the chance to make a difference. All of us that have worked with technology know the feeling when our trusted technological friend doesn't work the way it should. It's supposed to help us to be more responsive, to communicate better - instead, it fails to work just when it's needed most. But how do you make sure technology stays your friend and helper?    

Managing your Information Technology (IT) is complex and requires a full time focus and lots of experience. Plug and play was developed just for that - play. But most working technology solutions are not as simple and you need to be working - not spending all your time keeping your technology working. CompuNET's team of engineers, programmers and systems specialists can help make sure that each of the components fits nicely in your technological configuration and operates the way it should. We spend our time keeping abreast of the technology so you don't have to. And we can help you set up regular monitoring procedures to make sure your technology stays up-to-date. 

But there is always that moment when you need help, right now. Our Help Desk answers your call and helps solve your problem whether it's a big one or just a quick question. The Help Desk knows that sometimes your little problem is an indication of a larger issue. It still needs to be solved now, but the bigger issue needs to be addressed too. That's when the Help Desk can identify the larger problem and then propose a strategy for a solution. On the phone with you and live on your system, our Help Desk can be there with you when you need them.