Network Solutions

We all use the internet, and most of what we do involves that connection to a network of other people and their ideas. Gone are the days of just working alone at your desk. Now your enterprise depends on your people being connected, able to share their work and ideas in real time even if they aren’t in the same room. Companies can answer an RFP in real time with authors sitting thousands of miles apart working on the same document, and teachers can help students in other rooms or even other countries - as long as they are all connected by a network. The world is changing and CompuNET International can help you make the changes you need to make - to get connected and stay connected.
Whether or not you understand the complex technology of Network Infrastructures, we will help you design a solution that works for you. We are there to make sure everything is implemented correctly and works the way you need it to. CompuNET can help buffer you from the complexity of a modern network so you can focus on just using it.

CompuNET International ensures these important elements of a good network:

  • Security - Keeping you and your information safe on a state of the art network that protects your critical information assets.

  • Reliability - Focusing on the engineering and proactive monitoring, CompuNET keeps your network working and you connected. Our Help Desk is only a phone call away with experienced assistance during any challenge.

  • Visibility - Once it’s working you need to be able to see who is doing what on your network in real time.

  • Manageability - Your Network is becoming more complex, but your team still needs to manage it - sometimes without any additional resources.  We engineer your solution to help you deal with this challenge.