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Professional Development

Training Personalized to You
CompuNET International individualizes the training to meet the needs of your school.  Let us know what your technology vision is and we will work with you to make your needs and dreams a reality. We provide specialized training to assist educators in improving their technology skills, knowledge, and effectiveness. Training can be on-site at your location, at CompuNET’s headquarters in St. Louis Park, or delivered via webinar. 
Our professional development team is led by Lynette Pego, a versatile educator who consistently utilizes technology and demonstrates knowledge of current instructional practices in the classroom. She has 16 years of teaching experience and enjoys supporting student learning and teacher training.  She seamlessly transitioned into the professional development focus due to her previous experience in the classroom and has designed courses that have been beneficial for teachers that have attended her professional development courses.
Featured Courses
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If you would like to inquire about scheduling a workshop, please send us an email with the link provided below. Thank you.
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