Re-Imaging & Deployment Services

Simplify and modernize your device maintenance

Save 40% of your labor hours on re-imaging by implementing a modern deployment system. Re-imaging and deploying machines is a time consuming and tedious process. Don’t you wish you had an alternative?

Save time and money with re-imaging and deployment

The friendly staff at CompuNET are experts at helping schools reduce the time spent re-imaging devices. New cloud-based technology is quietly transforming this typical provisioning process from manual and tedious into automated and user-friendly. With this approach, deploying devices requires just two steps, and works with Windows, Chrome OS, iOS, and macOS.

Works With These Devices


Device Deployment Assessment

Conducting a Device Deployment Assessment early will provide you with an action plan of next steps to be able to eliminate the pains and frustrations of re-imaging. During an assessment we:

  • Review your current deployment process.
  • Evaluate existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools in place.
  • Provide technology recommendations as needed.
  • Provide you with a customized step-by-step plan to modernize your device re-imaging and deployment process.